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Ignite early project support and set the stage for a successful user adoption campaign with Change Management Consulting.

There’s a difference between knowing you have to change and knowing how to make the change. No one understands this better than the Change experts at allfields.

Our Change Management Consulting is uniquely able to combine end-user functional knowledge and technology expertise with the way people and teams work to help organisations adapt to and adopt new technologies.

Unifying People and Technology

The rapidly developing pace of technology means a constantly evolving business environment. Quick adaptation isn’t just preferable, it’s imperative to maintain a competitive advantage.

Connect with allfields today to learn about how our Change Management & Training expertise can help drive your user adoption rates for your new technology.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
— Stephen Covey

What We Do

Allfields provide the following Change Management services to organisations upgrading to new technology: Change Strategy preparationCommunications and Training Strategies; and Change Manager resourcing and project consulting. 

HOW we can help

We work with clients to devise a comprehensive Change Strategy and delivery plan built around a methodology of helping staff clearly understand the Change that is about to occur. From this, we develop and lead a complete Change Programme – planning the change process, creating a Communications Strategy along with establishing clear and consistent messages, as well as preparing a Training and Education Strategy. 

We help clients by providing support and leadership across the entire Change programme. Our approach includes:

  • Working with key stakeholders to develop a strong business case and commitment for change

  • Development of a Change Management Strategy and Change programme

  • Leading the Change programme

  • Development of a Communication Strategy and delivery of the communications plan

  • Carrying out all the communication requirements, web updates, emails, workshops, project promotion

  • Development of a Resistance Management Strategy

  • Designing the Education and Training Strategy

  • Face to face communication with senior managers and staff

  • Setting up response hubs for feedback mechanisms

  • Design and usability workshops

  • Preparation & delivery of Readiness workshops

  • Ensuring transition to business as usual is smooth


what we offer

We've enjoyed providing change services in a number of large technology projects. In doing so, we have also accumulated a lot of re-usable knowledge (know-how) as well as expertise (been there, done that).

Our Change Management services include:

  • Change Readiness Assessment and business requirements review.

  • Provision of a dedicated experienced Change Manager to lead and implement the change programme.

  • Development of a Change Management Strategy - Communication Strategy, Education & Training Strategy development and preparation, Resistance Management Strategy

  • Risk Management planning - Issue Management and Resolution

  • Communications delivery - Communications Roadmap, Presentations, Written communications

  • Completing everything required to successfully transition staff to new technology.

who we've helped

We have provided Change Management Services for some iconic organisations and some well known projects. Visit here to view some of the recent technology based change projects we've worked on.

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