Customer Reference


I am happy to provide a letter of reference for Allfields.

The Transport Agency contracted Allfields, back in 2008 when the Agency was formed, to develop a smart VBA Office Template solution, referred to as our 'template toolkit'. It is a mix of good  Word Design, VBA, and an XML Ribbon with smart functionality, and one we still use today.

Allfields have continued to work with upgrading the templates as we have changed  both our Windows and Office environment and separately our ECM system. They have also worked with other business units within the Transport Agency.

Allfields responds to requests very quickly with smart, sensible, and reliable solutions; their follow-up is equally as quick. They are a genuine, friendly, approachable and reliable company.

You are welcome to contact me with any further questions.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Smith, Information Management System Admin.

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