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what is cognise?

Cognise is a next generation, scalable learning platform which delivers, tracks and reports on progress.  

Cognise can aid entire workplaces in helping their employees grow in their careers and develop new skills to excel in their current roles. It can be used to assess, record, validate and track skill development in industry training. For workplaces, Cognise can be used to directly assist Managers and HR to: onboard new staff, create learner pathways, assign learning to groups, managers or individuals, use for scheduling & register people (or self-register) for in-person workshops & online training and webinars, create and share resources, enable technology training using powerful email logistics and campaigns, as well as assess, report, and manage role based on-job training. 

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HOW we can help

Allfields is a people focussed technology company. We understand workplace learning and on-job skill development. Digital is forcing change on us, continuously and rapidly. Manager’s have little time to do much around planning skill development and job role learning, so it quickly becomes an after-thought. We get it, and we are here to help organisations like yours transition, transform and improve successfully.

We've worked with many organisations, and on many large change projects - change is not simply about adopting new great technology, it is primarily about empowering your people and preparing them to move forward confidently.

With Cognise, we have engineered a cutting edge complete modern learning solution that will support your organisation today and into the future. We help HR, managers, and assessors with time saving features like: flexible assigning of personalised learning for all staff, approval workflows, learning analytics and team reporting in the Manager profile.

We help employees with focussed, purposeful learning. And, we help HR/Learning & Development with a platform that will enable the organisation to let go of old ways, to transition easily, embrace change and feel comfortable that required and optional learning is being managed, delivered and tracked.


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what we offer

As a full Cognise partner, allfields offer a comprehensive range services for customers. These include:

  • Digital Strategy Consultation.

  • Current workplace training practices review.

  • Change Strategy moving to a more blended approach.

  • Training strategy and organisational learning planning.

  • Digital content requirements analysis.

  • People and job role learning requirements.

  • Content design, & build options.

  • Library content management - provision of subscription based content libraries as well as through our partners.

  • Cognise deployment options e.g advanced Enterprise level Azure-AD SSO, automated Azure-AD Sync of profiles, and our smart Microsoft Teams integration for online meetings.

  • Access to our Office 365 digital library

  • Admin User Training & Support.

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learn more about cognise

More details can be found on the Cognise website


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