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What We Do

Allfields is a technology company which provides change management, training design & delivery, office template development, Microsoft technologies consultancy, and Cognise - a digital learning solution for workplaces.

We work with a wide range of organisations including public sector agencies, councils, and private companies. Our goal is always to help clients and their staff perform better and reach their intended goals.


Our Mission

We are passionate about helping entire organisations prepare for and confidently embrace technology change in the workplace.

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Ministry for primary industries

I would bring allfields back in a heartbeat to help us with change management, communications and training on any of our projects.” 

Tracy Voice, Chief Information Officer / Case Study

Our Impact

Our efforts are purpose driven and we're proud of our results, from the smallest piece of work to a complex project involving hundreds or thousands of users, and a lot of change.




We've completed a bunch of challenging large technology projects for some quite well known Government Agencies, Local Government - Councils, as well as globals.

In the end people are people and tech is tech - we focus on helping our customers reach milestones safely and on time, and with a smile.



Years Serving BUSINESSES

We started in late 1999, in Wellywood and we are still going strong helping customers achieve greater productivity and more effective use of technology in the workplace.

From pretty humble beginnings and for many years, we eventually moved to our own premises. Thank you! 




Yep, we've worked with many, many, many people helping them improve, helping them 'get it' and helping them be just that little better around technology they need to use daily in their roles.

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allfields develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of today and help shape the world of tomorrow.

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