the people side of technology

chief snuggle officer

Hi I’m Harvee!


Introducing our CSO

Once upon a time … there was Me :) a Chocolate Labrador born Jan 15, 2019 in Opunake. Several weeks later … on march 3, I packed my snacks, one large bone, and a red scarf, and headed south to Wellywood searching for my first realLY IMPORTANT job.

And, I FOUND IT! here’s where i work and what I do!


Day in My Worklife

My mission is to PUT A SMILE ON people’S FACES, HELPING THEM chillax.



I always like to kick off each day with a 6am woof-woof-workout at my favourite gym.



As a committed ‘Adventure Capitalist’ I begin with daily sit-up meetings at 8:30am. Very important to enjoy snacks at all staff meetups provided by others.


office work

So many paw-pad notes to take and personalised coaching to do.

Sending all my puppy-love kisses to my 6,699 new friends - thank you for all the pats ... more please.

Special thanks to my local aunties - Jo, Para, Caro, Mish, George, Livvy, Flo, Hannah, and about 200 others.
— me, Harvee ... I love you all : )

book reviews

I really get into book reviews - Simon What’s Hisname, tears me up - very motivational stuff.



Born strong like my great uncle Scooby and bitch pal Pinot, I have already started practising taking on a heavy workload.

I have heaps of fitness goals ahead. I aim to do more sprint training so I can achieve one of my early goals of running around the entire gym complex 33 times non-stop. I am also working hardout on strength training and aim to soon lift something 55 times my body weight - I am keen to drag a large tree branch from Te Papa to our office and break some record Pinot set.

I am hanging out for my first Dogtober Fest!
— - me, Harvee short-term roadmap goals
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