the people side of technology





We craft engaging learning experiences.

Allfields is a technology company and workplace training is at our core - we get modern technology based learning, and we know how to craft purposeful digital based micro learning. Our talented team use a range of industry tools to design and deliver wonderful online learning experiences. Our mobile ready content can stand alone, or in combination with a content library play nicely in Cognise - a modern SaaS learning platform. 


We craft engaging e-Learning modules & digital content. Our wonderfully talented team of trainers, learning consultants, and instructional designers use a number of techniques and recognised industry tools to build rich engaging content which is outputted as Video (.mp4) format, or HTML5. We have our own Office 365 digital library prepared by in-house Microsoft Office experts. This modern digital learning delivered in micro blocks has been included in Office 365 rollouts to thousands of end users and so successfully used and tested against thousands too.


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why choose us?

There are other technology change consultants, training companies, and Microsoft productivity specialists but none approach helping their clients in quite the same way we do. So, what makes us really different?

Allfields have a very rare ability in being able to turn a technology project into a people project. We are innovative, creative and customer success focussed, through experience we guide, navigate, lead, champion, and help transition people successfully through change.

Our passion is in helping organisations and their people embrace and get and confidently use new technology – it is a several step process and allfields will be there for every step.

Need help with your DIGITAL LEARNING project?

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Ideation, storyboarding, & journey mapping are part of the process in producing great results for our customers. 



Chat with Shiree +64 21 277 3101 or, contact us.